Mos Def.... Is MOS DEFinitely one of the finest black men ... swag, charisma,handsome, sexy, talented

Lance Gross and Idris Elba

T.I. = i'm just as surprised as you, but something about him just makes me crazy ;)

Grown up Nick Jonas = umm when did this happen??? ....I'm totally wondering the same thing...geez

def a hottie now GQ Cover July '12 - Joseph Gordon Levitt

How does it feel? It feels great! D'Angelo IS BACK.

Efron, Tatum, Gosling, Gigandet, Lautner, Reynolds, Lutz, Somerhalder, and Cooper. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST


Chris Pine| because he's the future father of my children, I'll over look him wearing that atrocious hat. ;)

Mos Def & Common, talented Poets and artists, whose Music breaches the gap of ages

Bradley Cooper

Justin Timberlake


Gerard Butler

Words cannot describe how lovely this man is!


yes sir!

Patrick Dempsey

no eye candy board is complete without at least one pic of Ryan

handsome! yum!

Mos Def