Mos Def.... Is MOS DEFinitely one of the finest black men ... swag, charisma,handsome, sexy, talented

Mos Def

Lance Gross and Idris Elba

Mos Def

T.I. = i'm just as surprised as you, but something about him just makes me crazy ;)

How does it feel? It feels great! D'Angelo IS BACK.



Efron, Tatum, Gosling, Gigandet, Lautner, Reynolds, Lutz, Somerhalder, and Cooper. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST

Morris Chestnut, Blair Underwood, Mikal Pfeifer

#alignedvision Align Prompt 2: I love Eminem because he has a way with words that express such deep feelings. He isn't afraid to just let out what is in his heart. And I GET deep feelings.


Michael Ealy~ droool.

Mos Def & Common, talented Poets and artists, whose Music breaches the gap of ages

T.I. _ ii happen to think he would be a brilliant actor if given the right parts, for him it is innate.

def a hottie now GQ Cover July '12 - Joseph Gordon Levitt

Bradley Cooper

Gerard Butler

Words cannot describe how lovely this man is!

Justin Timberlake

oh my …<3 yup that right, you never would have thought Id like a guy like this…wrong.