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    The struggle is real, ya'll.

    Wish I didn't


    Adventures in dog food - Imgur

    so true!!!!!



    Man, her game is weak.

    Batman rules

    funny tumblr posts

    This crazy Christmas tree installation. | 19 Totally Amusing Christmas Decorations

    Funny tumblr post

    The last one, oh my gosh

    friend's daughter swallowed a holiday pin last year & had to go to the ER. The outcome was a very minor surgery and an awesome Christmas card.

    That's awesome!

    Sometimes when people are talking to me, I daydream about what they would do if I suddenly punched them right in the face.

    Gavin the Photobombing Fish! I can only hope this is all true!!!!!!

    Too funny!!!

    Kermit funny meme - lmao

    Accurate post is accurate. Also, people on the East Coast be like, "I drove 6 hours through 3 states." Out West, people be like, "I drove 6 hours and I still haven't seen a gas station."

    This truly traumatizing Snapchat. | 29 Snapchats That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

    When you get a RAISE and then excitedly open your next paycheck only to see that actually, no, that wasn’t a raise after taxes. | 29 Awkward Moments That Inevitably Happen At Work

    I laughed way too hard at this.

    that's hilarious