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    Union of masculine and feminine/End of separation~

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    Twin flame, Soul mates

    Rebirthing of the Divine Masculine

    "Oh my beloved companion of my heart, you have reached out and touched the Essence of my Being. You have shown me the way. Your love has awakened me.” ~ Rumi ..*

    On the other side of fear lies freedom. #fitness #motivation #inspiration #quotes #fitspiration #fitspo


    Twin Flame Reunion – Where It Begins – Within

    Twin Flames Soul Mates | Twin Flames Delena, Twin Flames and Soul Mates

    Pamela Mathews

    Yab Yum Yantra - Tantra Sacred Sexuality and Romance - Celebrating the sacred connection between lovers.

    Having a soulmate is not always about love... I'm pretty sure if such a thing exists, it's my best friend.

    Number 8 | #numerology #number8 #numbereight #8 #eight

    The Principle of Gender, always in operation on every plane of existence; yes, but as something similar to positive and negative charges, one that completes the other, one that completes the other, 2 halves on 1 whole. ♥

    "Je suis connecté avec toi, peu importe où tu es." || Twin flame, Soul mates

    Soul Mate

    Twin flame, Soul mates

    Twin Flame ♥

    "One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not." - Abraham-Hicks fruendtfuture.ign...


    you'll have more than one soulmate in life, for there are different ones for different things. there are musical taste soulmates, friend soulmates, lets get coffee together soulmates, artist soulmates. the romantic soulmate is only one aspect of this notion. never forget that.

    Twin Flame theory