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Purple Yin Yang

Union of masculine and feminine/End of separation~

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Om Balance Yinyang

Yn Yang

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Divine Feminine

Board Samhain

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mystical sacred feminine | Goddesses & Other Mystic Beings | Northwest Visions Studio–Art by ...

Ka Spirit

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Human Spirit

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Spirital Awakening

Primal Pattern

In Ancient Egypt, this primal pattern was called the Mer-Ka-Ba. It was actually three words, not one. MER - a kind of light that rotated within itself. KA - spirit, in this case referring to the human spirit. And BA - the human body; or the concept of Reality that spirit holds. So the entire word in ancient Egypt refers to a rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from one world into another.

Tania Marie's Blogfrom Tania Marie's Blog

Happy Divine Mother’s Day ~ Awakening Open Hearts Within & Without

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Divine Feminine | divine feminine

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Femine Art

sacred feminine | pintura sacred femimine fantasy art painting Faerie fée spirit

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mystical sacred feminine | To purchase her art or to read about Mara Friedman, visit her site at ...

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∆ Essence...All of us, regardless of our gender, have an internal feminine and masculine. When these inner principles lost touch with each other we created a world of imbalance and pain. The outer world is a reflection of our inner state. Now is the time of great balancing and healing of these two sacred forces. As we heal our inner reality we will experience the mystical union of the soul and spirit and give birth to a third principle - our eternal Body of Light

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Twin flame union

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Divine Feminine Spirituality

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Feminine Forms

2012 is the beginning of a new Golden Age. Bringing balance the masculine/feminine principles, allowing the feminine to lead but in its new form, Solar Feminine.

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Balance of the sacred polarities of feminine and masculine ♥ (by Krista Lynn Brown)

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Heart Divine

Divine Marriage Twin

Marriage Twin Flames

Divine Twin Flame Reunion - Awakening Shakti - Divine Feminine, Sacred Masculine

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Rumi Soul

True Love Art

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Twins Flame

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TRUE TF Union Signs 6) Change in Beliefs Towards Love and Relationships, Prior to Union Prior to a Twin Flame Union, both individuals will go through a Rite of Passage, where belief systems pertaining to love, relationship and sexuality will be changed or dropped entirely. This is one of the signs and symptoms that I think is prior to coming into a Twin Flame Union... Continues ...

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What Is A Soulmate

Flame Soulmate

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Meant To Be Together Quotes Soul Mates

Twin Soul Union – Trust In Twin Flame Love

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The SOUL remembering its Sacred Divine Path on Earth, and the desire for unity within, is part of the Twin Flame journey of passionate yearning. It is the Twin Flame path that may assist in transcending the limitation of duality consciousness and to vibrationally embody Oneness within. Twin Flames are the exact *ONE* SOUL vibration, being the masculine charge and the feminine charge of the ONE soul frequency..

Twin Flame Tattoo

Willow Arlenea

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Twin Flame Love

Divine Union

Twinflames Soulmates

Sacred Union

Sacred Twin

♥~ In Consciousness there is no judgement there is no belief in separation♥ there is only a reflected world of beauty & bliss♥ the reflected world of the Twin Flame Heart of unconditional love and acceptance ♥

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A Train For Peace Love

Hippie Soul

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☮༺♥༻~ Hippie Soul ~༺♥༻☮