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The Spirituality of Love: Soul Mate or Twin Flame

The Spirituality of Love: Soul Mate or Twin Flame - National Spirituality |

The ego says, "Once everything falls into place, I'll feel peace." The spirit says, "Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place." Marianne Williamson

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every woman has a man within her every man has a woman within him- both sides, in everyone: yin and yang; feminine and masculine; defined energy types as two, complementing each other. it's just the bodies which humans have named as a man and a woman.

this is balance because this is ying yang and that means life and life is usually balanced.

Be careful of not absorbing other’s energy around you; it's okay to support others but it isn't up to you to rescue them. It interrupts their growth and is toxic to your own energy.❤️☀️

The spiritual warrior has no enemy except herself. The only contest is with herself. She cannot control the acts of others, but she can govern her own actions and reactions. The true art of the warrior is to receive the spirit of the universe and to spread her "peace" and the true definition of the Way of the Warrior is "love" So become peace.. become love. Do this and the Warrior Mind is established in you.... and your inner master will heal through you --Peter Oxios

Joy springs from your true nature. Very few of us know the intense joy of being. But we sense the flavour of it when we face a sunset, or see the flight of a bird, or look at a beautiful tree or gaze on the full moon. To let joy come out of us we must explore our selfves. Question our selves. Drill into ourselves. Most of the time we only experience a superficial joy linked to our compensatory behaviour when they are successful.