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  • Kim Clemens

    “Someday someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.” so true, love this :)

  • Emily Morris

    This is so true yet so hard to believe when you are heart broken. I wish we could all remember this when the pain is unbearable. God bless the broken roads!

  • Holly Bronko

    This is SO true..... #relationship #quotes

  • Sara Schrader

    #relationship #quotes #truth

  • Jennifer Hoyt

    I'm looking forward to it.....

  • Erika Sierra

    so true! cant wait :)

  • Ciara C

    True story and I am so glad that person that walked into my life is you babe! <3

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Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful. Hazrat Inayat Khan.

By "do so little for you" it really means someone who doesn't meet emotional needs you have deep down inside, reciprocate your love or service, or let you know you are deeply cared for - NOT by our society's means either (i.e. material things) but doing it in the way YOU genuinely respond to.... I have love to give regardless of my well being....Period

He does! And then breathe lies that you believe to lure you on the wrong track.

When I was younger I would have said that thad mad passionate part of love never leaves and if it does, the relationship is doomed. After 31 years of marriage, I know there can be moments of the madness, but you'd be a burnt out shell if it continued at that level year after year. So, the mature me, who is still madly in love says it's a nice, exciting balance of both.

I know some people who could benefit from this! =]

It can be really hard sometimes! But each time you overcome something, you find a stronger bond! Dont give up!

You don't 'fall' in or out of love. Love is not a ditch, it's a choice and a commitment. To love is to keep the greatest commandment. CHOOSE to love that person, and then with God's help, do everything in your power to create a loving atmosphere.

We all need to remember to be thankful for those in our lives while they are still there. Everything can change in the matter of moments and the pain from that only comes from the regret of not appreciating what you had while it was yours.

My world has fallen apart a few times to bring me exactly to the perfect place I am right now! I would not change a single moment of pain and sorrow for I would miss this pure happiness of today.