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hmmm, well, this is exactly where i want my next tattoo which i already drew(but still needs some work) of a tree and i wanted those birds flying away, but never thought of them flying up the neck like that, love it.

Tattooed father - just because you have tattoos doesn't make you a bad father or make you love your child less.

A father and son. This is cute because the father and son look like there close to each other. tattoo, unique , love, gauges, son and father, cute, adorable, close up.

Guys that are good with babies are attractive enough but tattoed guys that are good with babies is even better! (Body Modifications do not change Character!)

This has got to be one of the greatest photos I've seen in a long time. This little one underwent surgery and LIVED. He's a living angel .. and by Dad's wings .. he certainly looks the part too. Almost to ONE MILLION likes .. why don't you all give it the thumbs up yourself

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