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These 27 #Best #Friend #Quotes Are Truly Extraordinary. Come See! Then there are those that leave you to face them alone.

i love my sister :) my best friend, a Shoulder to lean on to talk things out. A pick me up person:) always love unconditional don't judge others! I love My baby sister❤

best friends<3 :D

Greys. <3

So true and this is why you're my best friend

Bachelorette shirt? one of those bachelorette party tanks that you want to keep wearing over and over again because it's just so true!

good friends

Today is a perfect day to start living your dreams ... (from La Maison Gray INTERIORS)

Steve Jobs quote. This is true with everything we do.

in your <3

Great inspirational quote for art work for his walls, in a different font of course (this one is way too girly.)

I'm actually a real country girl unlke some people who say they are, I listen to the music, I have always done the work, I am anything and everything country is...unlike some people

yes <3

Not every relationship is meant to be, they're the lessons learned, but the one that's meant to be, that's your fairytale ending


You are my best friend and the love of my life, you truly are my everything and I thank god for blessing my life with you and your precious love...

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Everything I know in life, I learned from "Friends"

A Life Lived Well

exactly how I feel every day