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Snow angels:: Sooo ROMANTIC! Gotta do this with someone Special someday! Hmmmm! WARM MY SOUL! /;))) <3 <3

vlorin: Meet me in Montauk- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This is how i want to fall asleep everynight just you in my arms ;)... Goodnight baby sweet dreams dont stay up too late you have school tom hahaha :) i love you so much baby its incredible... Ill be waiting for you ...i love you goodnight baby :*

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The photograpy of Randy P Martin | Photography | Lifelounge

"Promise me you won't go on another mission." "I can't promise you." She whispered, blue eyes clear. "But you already knew that." He smiled sadly, hugging her close. "Then promise me one thing." "What?" She leaned closer and he accepted her kiss. "Come back to me." She smiled. "I will always do that." -JuliaKnox

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Why does a rainy kiss sounds so wonderful? Not sure, but would love to find out. So I added one to My hideaway place.

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winter wonderland

At this moment I would like a kiss straight on the lips, a slow sexy wet one;);) And resting in a bed or on a sofa with you!!! SWEETHEART MY SOULMATE FOREVER!!!!