early finishers?

Early Finishers

Easy and Cheap Word Word and Writing Centers

reading homework?

Writing Prompts

Journal Ideas

For early finishers

Roll-a-Story Writing Activity

Boggle sheet-- I like this one because you can use it as an activity for early finishers throughout the week.

Other ways to say...

Great idea for practicing descriptive writing. yes it's orange...but what kind of orange?

SOOO many Daily 5 ideas!

improving handwriting

great chart to help with plot

Get the Picture-great sub activity

Keeping Kids Accountable During Daily 5- Students have their own bingo card. When they complete an activity, they let me check it so I can initial the box for them.


Work On Writing

Persuasive writing....OREO.....great idea!


Writing Center- Silly pictures available for students to write about