early finishers?

Early Finishers

Easy and Cheap Word Word and Writing Centers

Writing Prompts

I really enjoy reading this blog! She has a ton of ideas for reading and writing notebooks

Journal Ideas

Boggle sheet-- I like this one because you can use it as an activity for early finishers throughout the week.

Roll-a-Story Writing Activity

reading homework?

Storymatic Classic - $29.95 - set of cards that can be used as writing prompts, as a game, etc. This sounds like it would be really fun and really useful!

Great idea for practicing descriptive writing. yes it's orange...but what kind of orange?

For early finishers

Other ways to say...

Fun art + writing project about my summer

Closings for Writing

Great for writing


FREE Writing Prompts for June ~ pick a prompt, write, then color in the picture! | This Reading Mama

Short, Sweet and Sticky: Get Your Students Writing With These 6 Writing Activities!

3 Checklists to aid in writing workshop - edit, revise and peer edit