I'm a personal development coach with many years experience as a practicing Psychic. My business is people. I am driven by a passion to help people grow and develop their power within, complete their goals and live their dreams. I assist people, especially Internet Entrepreneurs, in breaking through obstacles that have hindered their relationships and careers. I am an avid Social Media butterfly.

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How to get motivated to workout fitness personal-development personal-development personal-development personal-development . Visit my website for personal development On my blog I share; social media tips, content syndication strategies, personal development, online marketing and the occasional rant and rave. My Passion is helping other bloggers find their voice and build their tribe for their blog.

One of the best books on personal development I have ever read!!

The song Don't Stop was added to the Family & Parenting, Relationships, and Personal Development playlists of the FACS Soundtrack. Adrienne Smith confesses to be a self proclaimed social media, blogging, internet marketing and personal development fanatic. Guilty as charged... She enjoys helping others achieve success online so any tips she shares on her blog, we hope you find beneficial.

Stephen Borgman talks about personal development. Sue shares with you the wisdom and lessons from her life until now. Her goal is for you to learn from her experiences, both the good and the bad! On her blog you will find education on becoming financially free, mindset, personal development and living life to the fullest. Sue has a very diverse business background and while she started out as a CPA and Financial planner marketing is her love. She now combines her previous experiences with her new passion for the inter... I'm a wife, mom, community volunteer and serial entrepreneur. It is my mission to empower others to reach their potential and to help entrepreneurs create more time, money and satisfaction in their lives. I coach people on a daily basis to learn how to market on line for their businesses. Whether it is blogging branding, social media or offline marketing techniques you'll find me in the trenches and in the classroom helping others learn and grow.

Shake off the Grind is dedicated to empowering and motivating people to take leaps of faith and develop confidence to reach their potential. The site was started in 2010 with the goal of collaborating with others on a mission to find their calling and follow their passion. Today, the mission of the blog is to help people develop greater well-being, live with purpose and meaning, and overcome self-imposed limitations to begin living the life they truly desire. Esteem Power is blog that helps network marketers build self-esteem and success mindset. Personal development, success mindset and motivation are probably the most important things a network marketer needs to work on. All the marketing, tools and systems aren't worth a hill of beans if you have "stinkin' thinking."

This weeks Social Media Power Chat was all about how to brand yourself on social media. Today I brought on three Power Players who each have their own way on how to brand yourself. I have Randy Hilarski in Panama, Logan Lynn Roberts in Philadelphia and Billy Funk out of Chicago helping you #GetYourLearnOn. As a Coach and Social Media Manager, I’m committed to seeing you succeed in your business. My Coaching clients have included Veteran and brand new Entrepreneurs. If you desire the BEST in Social Media, Internet Marketing, Branding, and Market Posture - There’s never been a better time to plan the next 5 years in your business. As a veteran of Internet Marketing and Social Media, I can assist you in providing a Greater Connection with your customers

Personal Development, Self-Esteem & Success Mindset Tips for Network Marketers and other Home Business Owners. Emotional Freedom Techniques and other cool resources. Successful entrepreneur, cracked the code for taking a dream to reality! From $70k student debt and $1200 / month grad student to co-found a multi-million dollar business surviving the dot.bomb and working with multi-national clients like Walmart, Home Depot, Tim Hortons and partners like Sharp and LG in 12 short years. Helping others take their dreams to reality by leveraging technology, mind-set, leadership, and marketing from my experience in the trenches. With a passion for life, a positive outlook, and an unexplained tendency to go the opposite direction to everyone else, I finally discovered the entrepreneur in me after having my two children. These days I am committed to bringing clarity to the world of online Network Marketing and helping to inspire and create networking professionals through integrity and strong leadership.