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LOL!  This is my epitaph for sure.

DIED from not forwarding the text message to 10 people (or the email chain letters).

It will help me "look" like less of a wino, but not necessarily help with "being" less of a wino.  haha

A wine glass for those who love wine. Closest thing to a never ending glass of wine I've ever seen. I want.

Why did Waldo go to therapy? To FIND himself. :) Corny Jokes by James Garcia

Do Be Do Be Do...love it!

To Do Is To Be Nietzsche Kant Sinatra Quote Funny Poster - custom fit with RichAndFramous Black 19 inch Poster Hangers

Bottle of scotch

The last pinner said: "Dry Humor is fun." I agree, though puns add something to the mix themselves. (I wish I could think of a pun that went with scotch, dryness, or mixtures.

I absolutely love this. It's so true though, I feel so bad for the kids who parents give them electronics just to shut them up! Parent teach your children!!

THIS is why my kids do not and will not have an iPad, iPhone or any expensive technology like that! I think it is VERY ridiculous that little kids have their own iPads or iPhones. My kids play outside and actually have an imagination.

Story of my life. My best friends are social people, I'm not.

Funny pictures about One of the most awkward situations. Oh, and cool pics about One of the most awkward situations. Also, One of the most awkward situations.