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"PeeWee Herman"

Cool Stuff: Pee-Wee Herman Tribute Art Exhibit In Los Angeles – /Film

i know you art, but what am i? pee-wee herman tribute art show

I Know You Art, But What Am I?, Pee-wee Herman Tribute Art Show

Phantom City Creative "A Boy and His Bike" Pee Wee Herman Print

pee-wee cupcakes

The cutest cupcakes you've ever seen!

Pee Wee Herman themed birthday party - as a kid I would have loved this as an adult I find this creepy

Oh My Gawd! Amazing print!

Pee Wee Inspired Art by Ben Chlapek, Courtesy of Gallery 1988

18 Knope-Approved Ways to Bid Adieu to Parks and Rec via Brit + Co

18 Knope-Approved Ways to Bid Adieu to Parks and Rec

They were of the charts adorable!!

1 of my favorite parts!<< the last face is my favorite it's like "wow after all that he says 'love Alfalfa' I'm definitely done with him"

The double speak of the narcissist. Anything you say can and will be used against you in this conversation, and subsequent ones, in addition to turning everything you say back on you. Remember, it's never THEIR fault.

Deflection behavior is when the narcissist blames the victim for their bad behavior and feels justified in bullying them. A malignant narcissist will even go as far as using the victim’s own …

Still love the Pee-Wee, even though....

Pee Wee Herman "I know you are but what am I ?" My dad loved watching Pee-Wee with us, but mom hated him, lol ;