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How to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks – 3 Tips to Help Kick That Fat Away

  • Karli Woodbury

    It does recommend a thousand jumping jacks per day. It says 10 sets of 100 jumping jacks. 10x100=1000

  • Liz Barker Glenn

    Yep, 1000 PER DAY. You can see the difference in font between the 1, 10, and 100s vs. 7000. The linked article actually suggests doing 3 sets of 100/day which would be 2,100 JJs/week. If 2 cals/JJ were true, and you did 300 JJs/day for 7 days, you'd only burn 1050 calories or 30% of the 3500 that reportedly constitutes a pound. Not too shabby for 300 a day, and slightly more manageable than 100/day. Not that I'll be doing the same activity every day anyway... :)

  • Liz Barker Glenn

    *more manageable than 1000/day.

  • Liz Barker Glenn

    **2 jacks/calorie. Darn tiny editing window! 300 jacks/day for 7 days would conceivably burn 30% of the 3500 calories/pound. Done!

  • Jewel House

    What you want to find out the amount of calories you burn by doing jumping jacks take the amount you did and divide it divide it by 2 so if you did a thousand jumping jacks you would only burn 500 calories. You need to do 7000 jumping jacks burn a pound

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every girl should do this EVERY day...dont complain about having a small butt if you dont work for it! big booty girls have to maintain it too!

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  • Amanda Tadd

    Wouldn't you have to do 7000 jumping jacks of two burns 1 calorie...?

  • Lauryn Ashlea

    The font made the 7 look like a 1. 7,000 jumping jacks = 1 lb gone. The math make sense now?

  • Princess Consuela

    3500 calories in a lb...if 2 JJ burn 1 cal then you'd need to do 1750 JJ to burn a lb which would be something like doing jumping jacks for 30min or more nonstop...or something like that

  • Amanda Tadd

    Oh! Yes, that makes sense :) Mary, 1750 jj would only burn half a pound.

  • Paige Simpson

    3500.... What? Anyone..... Anyone.... :)

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Jumping Jacks Circuit Workout

Looks great...instead of 100 jumping jacks, let's do 100 jump ropes...

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30 day jumping jack challenge by AmySZ

Work out routine, crunches, jumping jacks, squats, push ups

99 WOD- tomorrow. 33 jump jack in tire instead of squats

15 minute amazing jump rope workout. Excellent cardio and fat burning workout, and it's fun! Especially since I hate running.

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