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Gorgeous Macro Photographs of Butterfly and Moth Wings by Linden Gledhill nature moths macro insects butterflies

Biochemist and photographer Linden Gledhill has captured this beautiful series of macro photographs which study the structure of butterfly and moth wings.

Artist Linden Gledhill captures stunning macro photos of delicate butterfly wings that look like shimmering petals. #macrophotography #butterflies

Stunning Macro Photos of Delicate Butterfly Wings Look Like Shimmering Petals

When science meets art, great things are made. Photographer and biochemist Linden Gledhill has created a stunning photo series using macro photography, which shows what butterfly wings look like up.

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Magnified Photos Show the Intricate Details of Butterfly Wings. This image shows the brown, yellow and white of Troides hypolitus sangirensis butterfly scales.

macro fish scales

Anyone can see that butterflies are beautiful, but when their colorful wings are magnified, their beauty takes on another level.

Macro: Butterfly Wing (click for larger version)

Butterfly Wing (Cethosia biblis), designated Image of Distinction Nikon Small World Photomicrophotography). Douglas Clark used an incandescent, darkfield technique to capture the image.

These Stunning Photos of Butterfly Wings Close-Up Will Completely Blow Your Mind

These Stunning Photos of Butterfly Wings Close-Up Will Completely Blow Your Mind

Butterflies are exceptionally beautiful insects with wings covered in unique patterns and brilliant colors. Artist Linden Gledhill utilizes the art of macro photography to capture these natural beauties' wings.

A piece of dentine with dentinal tubules from human tooth, after demineralization using etching with 37% phosphoric acid for 15 seconds and 10% sodium hypochlorite for 1 minute.

Photos of the Amazing and Gruesome World Under a Microscope

a piece of dentine with dentinal tubukles from human tooth after demineralization using etching with 37 % phosphoric acid for 15 seconds and sodium hypochlorite for 1 minute (?

An Armenian physics teacher Suren Manvelyan used his friends, colleagues and pupils as models to make these amazing ocular portraits. He never thought he would see anything like that – when viewed really close up our eyes look like some dramatic surfaces of far and unknown planets.

Extreme Close-Ups of the Human Eye

The eye in HD. It's an Extreme Close up HD image of the human eye! Everyday we see hundreds of eyes but do not even suspect they have such beautiful structure, like surfaces of unknown planets.via Knowledge is Power.