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Garden Baby Shower Decorations- Printable Garden Party Decorations PDF/JPEG- As seen on Amy Atlas

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Garden Tea Party Baby Shower Party Ideas

Decorate with flower garlands and fake grass placemats, hang a doily garland to make it more shabby chic

25 Springtime Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Animal Gestation Guessing Game | Oh My Baby Shower

Do you know the gestation period of an elephant? What about a wombat? Quiz your guests on their best guesses in this fun baby-inspired game.

A craving section at a baby shower is the freshest and most fun baby shower idea I've heard in a while. CUTE CUTE

A "cravings" section at a baby shower is the freshest and most fun baby shower idea I've heard in a while. I would say "craving station"

Brown Sugar Scrub Baby Shower Favors!  Whenever hosting a soiree, don't forget the favors.  A gesture often overlooked, when you remember to send your guests off with a "little something"  they'll feel appreciated and special.  Yes, it's worth it!

Baby Shower Party Favor

Easy DIY Brown Sugar Scrub to make for baby shower favors! You can even print off some FREE favor tags! Here is the simple recipe for making this delectable brown sugar scrub: 3 cups brown sugar 1 cup extra virgin olive oil 6 Tablespoons honey

Very cute baby shower game; a baby item is placed in each bag and numbered; guests feel the bag and write down what item they think each bag contains. Whoever guesses the most right wins, and the mother-to-be takes home all the items at the end. :)

Super Fun Baby Shower Games

What’s In the Bag? – Gather up some lunch bags and place small baby items in them. Number the bags and secure them closed. Have guests feel the bags and write down what baby item they think is in the bag.

Baby Shower Candy Buffet

pink purple sugar and spice girl baby shower dessert candy table centerpiece features a pink baby dress