Treat box for traveling. one per kid, no refills. Tackle this idea!

Make your own lunchables in a sandwich box...Much healthier and cheaper than Oscar Mayer ones...

Travel Medicine cabinet

This site has all kinds of traveling ideas for kids.

Old baby wipes container as a snack box for a long car trip....1 for each kid

fold a twin sheet in half long ways and sew ends together, next sew in five equal sections the size of a pillow case, next insert pillows leaving ends open to remove pillows and wash cover. #floorpillow #DIY

Road Trip Snack Boxes for Kids - I made these for this summer's trip and it was a huge hit. I found the boxes in the craft section at Wal-Mart and included a variety of salty and sweet treats. Then on each leg of our trip (divided up into 1-2 hour increments), they could choose one or two things to eat. Very convenient on us as parents and the kids love it, too.

10 Brilliant Car Hacks for Moms- Great ideas to make the car ride easier for moms:)

How to make shadow animals

My dad made us one of these when we were kids. I thought he was a genius because that was WAAAAY before Pinterest!! - homemade sprinklers

Glue bath toy openings to prevent mold from getting inside and you from having to clean them... GENIUS!

Memory Boxes - Great idea to organize kids paperwork, school work, pictures, etc

101 Toddler Activities - Road Trip Keep kids busy in the car #travel #preschool

40 ways to entertain your kids while lying down (when you're sick, pregnant, injured, etc) I'll be thankful I pinned this one day!!

Sponges soaked in finger paint. Stops children from scooping huge balls of paint on their paper! GENIUS!

A coloring box. I love it!

Use the desk area organizers you find at WM to hang on the back of the seats in the car - kids' road trip bags!! Could use for every day things too, like germ-X, wipes, etc. This blog entry has some GREAT ideas for keeping kids happy while road tripping!

Bubble Refill Station My first Pinterest Inspired DIY!

Top Chore Chart for kids at These are seriously the best!

Just Another Day in Paradise: Chores, The ransom box, chore chart, punch card idea.

Keep kids busy for car trips by making an activity bag. This blog has several ideas for different kits.