Classic! Tim Conway Dentist

Classic Tim Conway

Carol Burnett Show "The Dentist" Complete Sketch

pine-sol prank....omg I'm crying! This is hilarious!

dental hygienist memes.

"Gee Cindy-could you save some for us?" My most quoted SNL moment :)

one of my favorite Friend's lines!!

Can't...Breathe!!!! Oh my I laugh every single time

Oh Blanche!

"I hate it when my dentist asks when the last time I flossed was. I'm like, dude, you don't remember? You were there. "

Dentist Sketch - The Carol Burnett Show-this has got to be one of the most hilarious skits ever...Tim Conway and Harvey Korman at their goofiest best!!!!

Carol Burnett Show / No Frills Airline -Tim Conway and Harvey Korman are so funny! These were the good ole LOL days! (a 9:46 clip but worth it)

"The Dentist": Sketch from The Carol Burnett Show with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. What a classic! Tim Conway told Conan O'Brien that it was true that Harvey Korman actually wet his pants laughing during this sketch. I can see why-- it never gets old!

Bill Cosby- Dentists

The infamous Charlie Bit Me video :)

Mom Raps About Motherhood

Tim Conway and friends

Bill Cosby---Grandparents " I had to walk to school at 4 o'clock in the morning with no shoes, up hill both ways in 5 feet of snow."

Carol Burnett Show outtakes - Elephant Story

Family Feud - SNL Highlight

Carol Burnett and Tim Conway ~ *Mrs Wiggins and Mr. Tudball ~ The Intercom*