What the Teacher Wants!: Guided Reading Galore!

Guided reading organization...no more re-typing lists every time a student moves!

This is a great example of how to schedule different groups (Daily 5, centers, etc).

Guided Reading Levels

Great organization 3 Teacher Chicks: reading workshop

Managing guided reading groups. flexible. visual for students (coloured to differentiate but not to "level")

If the thought of guided reading makes you pull your hair out, or even if you are a guided reading guru who's looking for more materials, this 159 page packet has everything you need! For teachers unsure of where to begin, or who have seen the whole guided reading process go strangely wrong, the instructions in this packet help to lead you back to success. Then it provides you with forms, question cards, 100 activity sheets and more to use with your guided reading groups. $

Free Printables for Guided Reading: Running Records, Anecdotal Notes, Weekly Planning for each group! Great for organizing reading groups!

Ways to make sure they're reading every night

Reading comprehension

Character Map - Would be great in guided reading with higher levels

Phonics Flip Books, Guided Reading, Small Group, RTI, Daily Repetition

Guided Reading Snapshot assessments

cool way to get students to read.

assessing reading stations # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Small Group Organization- love the ideas here. Super inspiring for simple planning!

I run five groups in my room. Each group has between four and six students, depending on the needs of the students... I run them as leveled...

love the organization behind the reading table

Guided Reading Ideas

Reading Workshop Teacher Guides & Printables! Some days I miss teaching reading skills.

Guided Reading Groups