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Girls with dolls..the girl on the right is deceased.. was common to have photographs of deceased family members as photography was very expensive and this was a way to remember them

Mental Flossfrom Mental Floss

Found Photos: Super Creepy Victorian-era Twins

Victorian girls with the strangest doll--look at the size of the doll's head vs her hands and feet!

Farmlife was hard work even for these little girls who hoed the garden, baked bread & swept the dirt floors. See

This image shows the 'order' of a mental hospital and the reason i found it interesting is because when this was taken, at Blackpool Mental Asylum in 1921, the nurses claimed to be 'treating' the patients, when in actual fact they where locking them away like animals.

** Vintage Photo Booth Picture ** Sweet little girl in braids. This reminds me of my Aunt Sharon!

This was originally labeled "Post mortem." Post mortem . . . doll? The little girl looks pretty alive to me. Strange photo, though.