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Daphnis nerii, a large hawk-moth found in wide areas of Africa and Asia. It is a migratory species, flying to parts of eastern and southern Europe during the summer. The Daphnis nerii (Oleander Sphinx Moth or Orleander Hawk-Moth) is one of the most beautiful butterfly-like patterned moths on Earth

Oleander Hawk Moth (Daphnis nerii) by Steve Covey: This female was bred in captivity - but from ova collected in the wild under license from Rhodes, Greece. She has a 90mm [nearly 4"] wing span!! The caterpillars feed on oleander leaves and are immune to their toxicity. Adult prefer to feed on the fragrant blossoms of jasmine, honey suckle and petunia. #Oleander_Hawk_Moth #Steve_Covey #Insects