Only every single time I watch a movie!

To throw my Venus razor at them.

Haha yep. :)

Yup. I say it all the time.

Everyone knows this look. :) #bestfriends This is so us @Hayley Sheldon Sheldon Shafer

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so true

this could not be more true.

Every time


Like I am at a Mexican restaurant and I always look at the menu and end up getting two bean tacos with a side tortilla


Lol....I know everyone did this once in their life... Ha I did it every time my sister put her hand over my mouth

From the moment I first saw you, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life avoiding you lolsotrue 1387

so true


glorious moment....and then they decided tooo just stop and the wrapping paper looks like shit, oh well! lol