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President Obama greets veteran Archie Hackney, from Des Moines, Iowa, and the 90 year old veteran insists on standing as a show of respect. Bravo! R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Finally something on facebook makes sense. proud-atheist.tum...

YEEES. i hate, hate, hate listening to people complain about having to pay taxes. yes, it sucks to not have that money, but you know what sucks more? no road lights, no educated people, no police officers and fire fighters, and so on. :|

Global Ponzi Scheme Revisited: How Climate Inaction Betrays Our Children And Future Generations

MITCH MCCONNELL: Filibustered 100s of bills, denied floor debate and votes on more, allowed anonymous holds on funding of passed bills, and blocked filling of appointments.

Truth be told... Agenda: Divide and conquer VOTE the TEA BAGGING GOP OUT!

I'd blame the sign designer, but another clown printed it, a clown stocked it in his store and this clown bought it, so I count at least 4 dummies in this abomination.