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I’m more of a cat person, really…

I see dogs by breed name

The Beagel is one of two breeds known not to get cancer as readily as others breeds. - infographic

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Think worthy advertising

This is depressing but its so true every week hundreds of puppies and adult dogs die in shelters because of over breeding and lack of knowledge of the breed. PUPPIES are euthanized healthy puppies because people want to by a dog rather than rescue and save a life. Backyard breeders who refuse to sterilize their dogs for profit guess what pitbulls and chihuahuas are the most over bred dog there is no money in breeding them! You still want to breed them then let we walk you through the shelter…

Please Spay & Neuter. Always Adopt - Don't Shop. If Dog Breeders Really Loved their Breed, They'd STOP Breeding & Instead Would Work For or Volunteer at One of Their Breed's Nationwide Rescue Groups/Shelters. BREEDING IS ABOUT GREED & NOTHING ELSE, PERIOD.

Dogs are the best animals around. Only they can love you more than themselves. Don't bully breeds when the owners are at fault.

Leonberger dog, intelligent, affectionate, good with children, more active than most giant breed dogs

Fila Brasileiro One of the few breeds that includes temperament tests in the breed standard and the only dog breed that has been purposely developed over centuries to deeply dislike the humans they were not raised with

Silhouette cameo canvas Dog art with quote Submit your photo to be turned into silhouette wall art!

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100 years of selective breeding

100 years of selective breeding!

Beautiful Great Dane! You can't hug and cuddle with "toy" dogs like you can with the big breeds!

Coast guard dog. The Newfoundland (Newfie) is a gentle breed who works in water rescue. They have webbed toes!

The Leonberger is a giant dog breed. The breed's name derives from the city of Leonberg in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. According to legend, the Leonberger was ostensibly bred as a 'symbolic dog' that would mimic the lion in the town crest.