McCoy Name Tag. So good.

Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy & Ian McKellen walk into a bar and the fandom world explodes from the awesome

Star Trek! #nerd

How tough are Scotsmen? #startrek

Star Trek


chekov list

Awesome Star Trek streets…

What real trust means in Star Trek. SERIOUSLY. I would FREAK OUT if one tried to check mine all out of the blue like that

Star Trek TOS Paper Clips | Star Trek Store should rethink your ad campaign

How great is that!

I know I've already pinned this. It deserves to pinned twice.

Relationships of Star Trek

You got some Vulcan in you ... ?

I don't know why this is funny...but it is!

Star Trek

Star Trek - complete list of Federation Ships (pretty much!) from a certain era that is

This made me laugh more than it should have. I guess resistance is futile.

Really exists.

Nice suit, Vader...