His wedding band with her fingerprint.

his and her wedding bands with the others fingerprint. Not gonna lie, this is pretty cool. Even if they werent wedding bands but instead bands you just got each other!!!

his and her wedding bands

thumb fingerprint hearts, nice thank you note or shower invite.

her finger print in his wedding band <3

Looking for a ring that’s truly unique and one-of-a-kind for you and your partner? Then put your fingerprints on them! It makes sense, considering no one in this world



Bets guest book idea ever!!! fingerprints and signatures... then you hang it on your wall! $20 for the file... wedding-space-design


Toss lavender instead of rice! Smells wonderful, looks pretty, and is earth friendly! Wrapped in pages of beloved books.

his ring. her fingerprint.

Lights Under the Table

gorgeous vintage wedding band

start writing things in this starting from when you get engaged and give it to him on the morning of the wedding. PRECIOUS!

I love this band.

I like this idea: Engagement ring fits into the wedding band!

vintage wedding ring #ring #wedding

A message only for her groom as he slips on her wedding ring. so freaking cute...