His wedding band with her fingerprint.

his and her wedding bands with the others fingerprint. OMG :))

her finger print in his wedding band <3


A Safer Wedding Band For Active Husbands | Co.Design | business + design

Bets guest book idea ever!!! fingerprints and signatures... then you hang it on your wall! $20 for the file... wedding-space-design

Groom's keychain. So he can never forget your anniversary. Give as a gift to him on wedding day.

14kt rose gold and diamond Petite Triangle Double Band Opal ring – Luna Skye by Samantha Conn

thumb fingerprint hearts, nice thank you note or shower invite.

Fingerprint wedding ring. The couple molds their fingerprints on to each other’s rings so they never lack the other’s touch. ↑This is soooooo cool! ↑

Instead of having guests at your wedding sign a book at the reception, have them sign and add leaves to a family tree on canvas to hang in your home! Doing this at my wedding.

Toss lavender instead of rice! Smells wonderful, looks pretty, and is earth friendly! Wrapped in pages of beloved books.


My dream ring. 1.5 carat Tiffany setting, with shared-setting round brillant diamonds wedding band :-D BLING BLOW!

beer can birthday cake, awesome idea.

His and Her Wedding Ring Set 7.00mm Wide and 2mm Thick PLT-HH6010

bridesmaid gifts?