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God helps make sense of it all. Just Pray. #faith

We are commanded to love God with our whole heart. That is because it is possible to love God with only a part of your heart. Only when you are thankful.

Effectiveness comes with personal experience coupled with revelation and compassion.

most effective ministry. revrard most effective ministry. most effective ministry.

You are safer with God in the middle of a storm than you are anywhere else without Him!

Only Christ can make me feel safe in the storms of life❤

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I love you blue as the sky, far as the moon, hot as the sun, big as a kite. Deep as the ocean, tall as a tree. Reminds me of things we'd say to each other at bedtime when my babies were little.

Bring out your inner child. Let them be little. Spend creative, fun, memorable time with them. They grow up FAST. And THEY WILL REMEMBER WHAT YOU ARE.

Jim Henson quote about children. For that I Vow to be a Loving, Caring, Tender- hearted Parent. I will have patience and will teach my Children Everything that will be beneficial to them. But most of all I will show and teach them what true love is.

Amazes me.. Still at 39 yrs. old. You truly find out who your friends are during the hard times and the good! Love my " REAL FRIENDS" You know who you are! Love you!!!! xo

TY Lord for ALWAYS being there! Even when I WASN'T listening like I should have. This is pretty much the most simple yet most powerful prayer I've ever heard.