• Susan Pellegrino

    Marilyn Monroe quote. This was totally me when I was a little girl.

  • Ellen Troy McNish

    Marilyn Monroe quote So true....

  • Rebecca Palmer

    Perfect quote #sotrue

  • Christy Baldwin

    Reminds me of my daughter, so true!

  • Rebekah Hills

    Baby girl in high heels

  • Jessica Seneker

    This quote reminded me of Bronfenbrenner's Theory. Parents, schools, neighborhoods, and communities all play a role in the development of a gifted student. If you give a child the right support, love, and encouragement (analogous to the red shoes), they can "conquer the world" much like this little girl here. Parents and educators must remember just how influential they are in the lives of children and use this influence in a positive way.

  • Erin Cota

    so true... Little girl in high heels

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