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I love anything old fashioned or vintage, and not because it's "in." I love the idea that you can buy something that has a story beyond the lines of: it just came off the machine.

love this skirt. i think you'll need a crinoline petticoat to keep the shape.

Reminds me of my moms style.. So simple and so chic Janet Parks

One day, I will wear a skirt like this, when something wonderful happens in my career. Possibly when I finally get one.

Love this silhouette , and that is a gorgeous shade of blue. It would be perfect for work or going out.

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Red stripes, denim, sea. Punaraita ja farkkupuolihame, kevät ja vappu, mökki saaristossa, paikalliset markkinat, takaisin kaupunkiin ja leivokselle, päivetystä kasvoissa.

Express yourself with my fabulous full circle skirt! $59

And here is further proof of my belief that a full skirt is a wardrobe essential, plus these shoes are super cute!