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Objective: Student will choose a Library Pictionary topic card, draw the topic, and let other students guess the topic based on their drawing. Inc...

"Table Texting" is a strategy to use with any piece of text or topic. Pose a higher-level question that encourages thinking among students. Students respond to the question in writing. The teacher collects the papers and redistributes them. Students get to read other responses and reply. The process continues until all of the speech bubbles are completed. Great for upper grades.


A Scrabble Addiction Gone to Extremes

A Scrabble Addiction Gone to Extremes - Would love to make one of these in the media center!

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QUIET! A Dewey Nonfiction Bingo Game

This fun Bingo game will help your students review the different subjects found in each of the nonfiction Dewey sections in your library media center! This download includes 32 different BINGO cards, “Pull” cards for the library media specialist, a tracking sheet and the directions page. I’ve also included a Dewey chart for you to copy and give to your students to use as they play the game. $

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Popplet Mind Map Lesson

• Popplet is a tool to capture and organize your ideas • Students use Popplet for learning • Used as a mind-map, Popplet helps students think and learn visually • Students can capture facts, thoughts, and images and learn to create relationships between them

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Taking Care of our Library Books...A Powerpoint Lesson

Powerpoint lesson focusing on book care in the context of borrowing and returning library books. $

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Health and Food Groups Task Cards with QR Codes

QR code "What is it?" game to practice making inferences, while integrating Health and food group concepts! Students infer based on card clues and check their inference using the QR code. QR codes link to labeled photographs of the correct answer. Self checking.

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Police Report – Fun, Creative Real-World Writing Task to Use with ANY Literature

Get your kids excited about digging into any piece of literature or event from history with this realistic-looking police report form to complete and illustrate. Great for homeschoolers and can be reused on multiple units/lessons. Have fun!

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Movie Maker Lesson

• This presentation will get you started with using Windows Movie Maker - Your very own movie studio. • It provides step by step instructions for adding photos, videos, audio files etc.• This lesson includes screen shots and instruction bubbles to make it easy for teachers and students to use Windows Movie Maker

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Mammals using QR Codes

Mammals using QR Codes K-2nd $ Great for centers, early finishers, ESL, Gifted, research, and so much more! Student tested and students LOVE!

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Storybird Literacy Tool Lesson Create Visual Stories

• A new literacy tool for a new generation • Inspire students to write and read better, and more often • Beautiful art inspires student and jumpstarts their writing

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Digital Citizenship Rocks

Use these posters to launch a conversation about digital citizenship! They can be posted in the room as a constant reminder. There are also student notebook pages for students to complete.

FREE Fact Swap Review Game for Any Subject. To begin, each student writes three facts about the subject in the top three boxes. Then students walk around the classroom swapping facts. A student must give a fact in order to get one. At the end, each student should have 9 different facts!

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Glogster Lesson

• Glogs are interactive posters loaded with text, graphics, music, and videos • Instructions for using this poster program, screen shots with text bubbles, an activity, student exemplars and a marking scheme are included in this lesson

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Embedding Quotations: A Common Core Lesson About Writing with Quotes

Teach your students how to properly embed quotations in their writing. CCSS Aligned. Includes ESL Differentiation. Writing. Grades 7-12. Teaching writing. Secondary English. High school. Middle school.