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How to Make a Grapevine Basket

This photographic essay does an excellent job of demonstrating how to make a grapevine basket suitable for the beginner or even the advanced basket maker. They make a wonderful gift for our loved ones

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GRAPEVINE PUMPKIN: very easy to make. Keep it compact or cut the wires and fluff it out for a fuller pumpkin. Takes 2 minutes to make and you can make around 10 per 25ft section of vine. - Chris

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Light-up pumpkin Halloween decoration. Made of grape vines!

how to make a grapevine basket. Going to have lots of grapevines this year!

Grapevine wreath basket 12" $10.89 each-Cute for the flower girl. If we can do flowers for her.

if you're short on grapevines just stop by my house - help your self to pulling them off the fence in my back yard .... PLEASE!! lol DIY-Grapevine Baskets

I've been making wreaths and dreamcatchers with all the grapevine in my yard but I had the idea to do a basket and found this DIY tutorial. It's great! I'm going to cut some grapevine to start the project. :)