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5 things to remember when you are drawing. (My wonderful high school art teacher said the same thing.

drawing lesson

Draw Like You've Never Been Taught Reminds me of my art and design lessons at school.

pen & ink techniques

Beginners pen & ink techniques ~ nice to have your own version on this techniques cause we all draw differently. AMANDA TREVIZO: Basic skills are essential in art. This is a great chart on basic pen textures.

No mistakes only opportunities

when you think you've made a mistake, think of it as an opportunity to make something beautiful. Sometimes, my favorite part of a painting is there from where I fixed what I thought was a mistake!

Putting things in perspective!

The Basics: Point Perspective by *Shattered-Earth on deviantART: Good visual aid to remind students how this works (won't take the place of demonstrations and practice):

basic art handouts

art unit -- LINE -- Students are introduced to the line work of Van Gogh, Durer Rembrandt and various other line techniques. Students create their own line drawing that shows shape, texture and tone.

TAB-ChoiceArtEd - Yahoo Groups

TAB-ChoiceArtEd: View Photo: Color Trifold 1 *Make a similar poster about inspiration and the artistic process*

Essential Questions focus board. Good reminder for students for beginning, middle, and end of a project.

Artistic process, Poster by Agusta Agustsson‎ in Midwest TAB-Choice Art Teachers, with a nod to Julie Toole. (pinning here so I can see at school)