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"The Caffeine Heartbeat"- I don't drink caffeine but this still cracked me up haha:) (scheduled via

Those with true Narcissistic Personality Disorder fully live the position that all others are in the world literally to serve them.The NPD will become enraged (or intensely frustrated) if the “other”, who is supposed to be propping up their ego, does not function in that way which can result in physical domination over significant others when they do not act as their Self-Object. Most of us don’t have such a desperation to have our ego/self esteem massaged by others.


weekend wishes

Coffee... This has happened to me more than once. The espresso machine went down at the school coffee shop during finals week. I died.

Coffee Quote This is how I feel every time Ardi comes home from working at Starbucks! He smells so yummy!

There is no use crying over spilled milk. Spilled coffee however, may get you stabbed.

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Depresso: The feeling that you get when you are out of coffee! Come to Bagels and Bites Cafe in Brighton, MI for all of your bagel and coffee needs! Feel free to call (810) 220-2333 or visit our website for more information!

But first, coffee. // Suppresso™ is a green coffee blend designed to suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism, energy & aid weight loss

Every morning is a need for coffee. Coffee Lovers know that need but having more than one cup ensures a good day for everyone. Good Morning Coffee Lovers! ~Me #coffeelovers #coffee #morningcoffee