• Lani Peters

    132 5. by Issey Miyake Geometric folding clothes from environmentally friendly fabrics I LOVE Issey Miyake -- ever since I saw his designs in a vogue pattern when I was 10 -- I always think of him when I think designer

  • Nilam P. Moeliono

    Issey Miyake Geometric folding bags from environmentally friendly fabrics

  • Diana Boo

    origami bag by Issey Miyake

  • Angela InWonderland

    Oragami bags by Issey Miyake ... amazing LOL

  • imagine it

    what a neat idea, combining origami with fashion

  • Swinging Handbags!

    Folded Handbags

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I desire I could discover where that is from. No person is aware of!

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Manufactured me smile:-P

WoOoOW - This can be truly soo great -

I wish I could decide where this is from. No one knows!

this can be so adorable! wherever is that this from?

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WoOoOW - This is certainly actually soo amazing -

I want I could determine exactly where that is from. No-one understands!

Adore this!

Do they in fact look like these do??

I absolutely love these boots. This is my first pair of Dansko's ever and I was a bit hesitant with the price but I would buy another pair if I could! They fit true to size, don't smash any toes, the heel is not too high and they are really confortable for all day wear at work or anywhere. I also like that they have built in arch supports as I normally have to use other inserts but these boots don't need it. Love them!