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    Giant Harlequin Beetle


    The Picasso Bug : The incredible insect looks like its been hand-painted by an artist.

    An adult spotted lanternfly is seen, its wings spread to show a colorful hind wing. The invasive pest has sparked a quarantine in Pennsylvania.

    Peacock Spider

    Dagger Moth caterpillar - or Baron Greenback's pet, from Dangermouse.

    Butterfly egg

    Eye Flower Mantis

    Fungus beetle (Aegithus aff melaspis, Erotylidae), BCI, Panama

    3 eyes - Pseudocreobotra walberghi....

    Chilean Panda Ant

    Colourful Metalmark Moth

    Scarlet-winged lichen moth (Hypoprepia miniata ) Drumheller, Alberta ©Jim des Rivières

    Daphnis Hübner (Oleander hawkmoth)

    Meet the planthopper! It’s one of 60+ new species found in the rainforest-dominated mountainous region of southeastern Suriname. Note the conspicuous waxy fronds at the end of its body. It’s theorized that they might mimic the anthers of flowers to help the insect camouflage itself.

    Spider's silk.

    Walking-Stick | 1892 | Along the Florida Reef

    The Singapore Blue(Lampropelma violaceopes) is a large, colorful arboreal Tarantula found in Malaysia and Singapore.

    Larvae of the Megalopyge opercularis moth. Common names include the southern flannel moth, pussy moth, puss caterpillar, tree asp, and, asp caterpillar. It is visually striking in both larval and adult forms. The inch-long larva is coated in long, luxuriant hair-like setae. It is variable in color, from downy grayish-white to golden-brown to dark charcoal gray. It often has a streak of bright orange running longitudinally. The body tapers to a tail that extends well beyond the body

    Caterpillar formation on a tree

    Omaspides erichsoni

    A katydid. Commonly green, its pink color is the result of a genetic mutation known as Erythrism, similar to the recessive genes that afflicts albino animals.

    "When you undertake the investigation of the lives of creatures other than humans, you must realize an entirely different set of standards, and no emotions whatever."

    From the archives: Museum staff install oversize models in a diorama depicting the forest floor, March 1958 Explore all the photos from the Picturing the Museum collection here

    Feather-horned Beetle.