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all seeing eye

Rebecca Green

third eye ... psychedelic art


Vintage Japanese magazine 1949

Sacrifice is a big part of Hinduism worship. Vedic sacrifice is a major aspect. The biggest aspect of Hinduism is the temple. The temple is a meeting place for man and God both literally and figuratively. They have many gods and goddesses but only one God. Hinduism is the only religion that gives man the freedom to worship as he chooses. ☀They have a similar form of the trinity, with a three gods in one sort of thing. God has three functions of creation, maintenance, dissolving.सु

Matisse, La Perruche et la Sirène I love everything Matisse doesn't everybody? His innate sense of positive and negative place is perfection at it's best.

Moon stars and all seeing eye

Eye see


IrelandLibrary's Photos : Photo Keywords : holy  : Recto of card: "La Diosa del Mar." Yemaya, Afro-Caribbean sea goddess

Another image of Saint Lucy. Note the eyes on hands like stigmata.

Taijitu (Yin yang) - Laozi


Greek Amulets


Art - Amazing Eye Painting #oilpaint #paintings #paintedeye #KalliVandenHeuvel #art #artwork

fuck-my-ego: thedrawone: DRAW ’ Ilustração 2012 I fucking love this !