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"what's wrong?" "nothing."




Give Jehovah a try by listening to what he and his son, Jesus, has to say about Him.... and if you still don't like Him, don't worry, the devil will always welcome you with open arms. Just sayin. ; )

Scary & funny


Hahahaha so true



Take a deep breath and trust in God. He will open a new door for me! I need to remind myself of this every time i am feeling down in the dumps!


So true! Words I live life to fullest, helping others and finding satisfaction in life in giving people my time. Staying away of satan or people who are miserable, toxic, gossip or negative.

@Danyelle Nelson Nelson Nelson Reese @Leslie Lippi Lippi Riemen Marie hahaha

Life is about the little things

the awkward moment when you have to give someone an email address

That awkward moment when you find out Titanic was filmed in a plastic pool, and your whole life is an illusion.

People be like, Only God can judge me. I be like, That should scare you. .... Truth

good hair day

A great reminder from Iyanla Vanzant.

OMG I just laughed so hard.