Country Quotes and Sayins': It's better to look back on life & say "I can't believe I did that" than to look back & say "I wish I did that."

The only one that is delusional is the devil, that he actually believes he has a plan that will defeat GOD? The thing he believes is that his plan will work and thwart the plan of GOD! When GOD's plan is already in motion, it is already to late to stop it. Remember Moses, crossed over and the enemy followed through what GOD had opened was not for the enemy to follow through?



“You were Wild once, don’t let them Tame you.” -Isadora Duncan #quote

so true!! #quotes

Don't forget to have a little fun:)


Absolutely. Live by this everyday and I wouldn't want to be any other way. <3

Moments not things

how to live

This quote is so fitting for life right now and it really helps to put life into perspective

Amen to that!!

"There is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future." ~Saint Augustine of Hippo


...because there really are no mistakes.


So true!