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    This is the complete frame of one of the most famous stills from the German side in World War II. It is one of several taken (along with newsreel film) on December 18, 1944 near Poteau, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. The men are smoking captured American cigarettes, and they are part of the 1st SS Panzer Division, Kampfgruppe Hansen. The man on the left is holding an FN High Power pistol, and is draped in a 7.92mm MG42 ammunition belt. He has been wrongly identified as Walter Armbrusch.

    Fallschirmjaeger( German Paratroopers) Ardennes Dec.16th-Jan,25 ,1945,

    A rare photo of General (later Field Marshal) Erwin Rommel wearing a forage cap. With men of the 7th Panzer Division, France 1940. Rommel almost always wore his peaked cap or Schirmmütze.

    American soldiers taken prisoner by the Germans in the town of Stoumont, Belgium on December 19, 1944 - the so called ''Battle of the bulge''. The allies command, completely taken by surprised by the German offensive, by January 1945 all allied losses were massive.

    Highly decorated SS-Standartenführer Joachim Peiper, 1.SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. Peiper was convicted of war crimes in France and Italy and he was murdered in France in 1976 by unidentified assailants thought to be ex communist French partisans.

    WWII. Waffen SS

    Very famous picture of the British 6th Airborne at Arnhem bridge 1944.

    French girl vents anger by kicking at a passing German prisoner on his way to confinement after being captured. September 26, 1944.

    The Luftwaffe produced a camouflage jacket as a consequence of the heavy casualties inflicted on German armed forces in Russia. As the Luftwaffe Fallschirmjaeger jump smock was too overpriced to produce in the quantities required, a simplified camouflage over-jacket was put into production and became the signature of the Luftwaffe infantry./ Photo: Battalion commander of the Fallschirmjäger, Walter Gericke wears Camouflage Jacket, M1942

    A poster for WWI Liberty Bonds shows a German soldier leading a young girl by the hand: "Remember Belgium. Buy Bonds; Fourth Liberty Loan." Illustrated by Ellsworth Young, c. 1918.

    Major General Erwin Rommel, and an early Panzer IV (Nº321) of the 7th Panzer Division in France, May 1940.

    What they left behind. Personal pictures of German soldiers.

    The Dirlewangers, (36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS), a military unit of the Waffen-SS, often wore masks in late 1944, early 1945, due to the pictures taken of them during the Warsaw Uprising in August 1944. The Dirlewangers were the most criminal and heinous SS unit in Hitler's war machine.

    40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

    SS-Sturmbannführer Erwin Meierdress (right), commander of 1./SS-Panzerregiment 3 of the Totenkopf Division, who took part in the battles east of Warsaw, where his unit destroyed many Soviet tanks and SPGs. He was killed in Hungary on 4 January 1945. The SS-Hauptsturmführer on the left is wearing the M44 camouflage drill uniform in the “Dot” pattern. Behind them is a knocked out T-34/85. Photo taken in August 1944.

    Rome, Italy 1944: German soldiers have just hung a woman from a tree and are stopping her from swinging.

    Combat engineers from the 3 SS tank division. Soldier holding an anti-tank mine.

    Captured German soldiers of the 9th SS Panzer Division "Hohenstaufen" 1944

    Faces of war: Wiking soldiers during Operation Blue in 1942. The Wiking Division was made up of volunteers from Nordic countries, Netherlands, Belgium and Estonia.

    Joachim Peiper (1915-1976) was a an SS-Standartenführer in the Waffen-SS during World War II and personal adjutant to Heinrich Himmler between November 1940 and August 1941. He was charged with war crimes involving the murder of 84 surrendered U.S. troops at the Malmedy massacre in Belgium and accused of other crimes in Italy. He was convicted in the Malmedy case but later paroled. Peiper was assassinated at his home in France in July 1976. (Colorized)

    WWII. Spanish Azul Division in the German Army fought in the Eastern Front