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    Discover the top genealogy websites for family history research in this "Top Genealogy Websites for the 21st Century" PowerPoint deck: #ancestry #familytree

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When you are new to genealogy there is a lot to learn. #genealogy #familytree

Genealogy apps useful for discovering your Family History.

Learn how to research your ancestors by interviewing family members and searching online records ancestry, genealogy, kids ,craft, family tree

Coming Soon! #Mobile Search for Ancestry's #iOS app, see the new features, search capabilities and more here: #Ancestry #genealogy #familyhistory #familytree #dev #apps

MUSTS IN GENEALOGY| For the family researcher of the history of your ancestors, make sure you follow as many of the following 'musts' to insure the family tree is as accurate as possible. Follow these three tips when building your #familytree through research. #familytree #genealogy #research #organize

Genealogy ~ Chart: Generations Through Centuries

Check out these New Year's Resolutions for Every Kind of Genealogist #genealogy

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Have you found old pictures that don't belong to your family? Do what Jennifer did and create an online tree at to share them with any descendants who might be interested. #genealogy #familytree