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  • Angela Manon

    Disney logic... OMG he's my prince charming right... XD

  • Celeste Bradshaw

    disney prince charming from Cinderella

  • Morgan Rice

    Funny Disney Memes | Funny Disney Memes - Likes

  • K K

    So true!! Love this!!!

  • Chelsea Schwaegerle

    Well done Prince Charming. Even fairy tale princes are still your typical man at the end of the day

  • Gwendolyn Rogers

    Hello?? Anyone who has seen this movie knows Prince Charming didn't go looking for her, he sent the guy with a monocle instead (which I personally think makes him a lazy louse and why the prince in Snow White deserves the name of Prince Charming over this guy). But seriously, know your Disney movies before poking fun at a prince.

  • Ange de l'aube

    Bwahahahaha... So true... Prince charming, my ass.

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