Cupcake liner mason jars

Mason jar with inverted cupcake liner as lid - punch a straw through to drink ........helllerrrr this is awesome!!

Broken crayons in a mason jar with a long string. Place it outside on a hot day. Have the kids keep checking on it as it melts in to an awesome candle!

what a cool idea - make a cookie gift basket from a paper plate! Neat idea for affordable Christmas gifts for co-workers.

Pinner says "Ok, I just tried this and it seriously did work. I did it twice on a burner that's had scorch marks for a year or more and they're gone!

Woah.... To create easy to decorate pull-apart cupcake cakes, place the liners into shaped pans. Then, pour the cupcake batter in and bake. The cupcakes will conform to the pan and create different shaped cupcakes that are still easy to separate.

Hanging Mason Jar Garden Lights DIY Lids Set by TheCountryBarrel I can do this for the backyard! Switch out candles for battery or LED candles. Hang from shepherds poles or from the tree.

During winter fill balloons with water and add food coloring, once frozen cut the balloons off & they look like giant marbles or Christmas decorations. I can't wait to try this!

Fake Cupcake

Jar of fairies! Take a jar, glo sticks and glitter. Crack open and cut open glo sticks, add to jar, add glitter to the jar, shake and use as night light, party light, or experiment!

Drinks in canning jars

Mason Jar Condiment Dispensers,.....awesome idea!!!!!.

DIY: Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts For Men

Use cupcake liners as a quick splash of color on favor bags...

I like the mason jars w/ the straws for lemonade or tea!!!

such a cute idea!

A Real Tutorial for Building Mason Jar Lights

Party in a jar! Everything you need: napkin, silverware and drinking glass all in one. Great for backyard BBQ.

Repurposed mason jars with cupcake liners to keep the bugs out of your sweet tea and other drinks. From Southern Belle Magazine.