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  • Daniela Firigua

    mini avocado salads. #Food #Cuisine #Inthekitchen #Cooking #Baking #avocadosalads #Appetizer

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    Looking for a healthy snack at a party? Try this: (15) Raw Food Challenge - Google+,

  • Kristen Long

    Mini Avocado Salad: Cut one large avocado in half without removing the peel, and remove the pit. Squeeze the juice of half a small lemon over the avocado. In a small bowl, combine one-fourth cup extra virgin olive oil, juice of remaining lemon, and a handful of coarsely chopped basil leaves, a handful of coarsely chopped fresh mint leaves, sea salt. Spoon this herbal dressing into the cavities of the avocados. Distribute one-fourth cup of almonds over the top and drape a cluster of cherry tomato

  • Jayden MacArthur

    You can never have too many ways to eat avocado… Halve the avocado and remove the seed, top with your favourite salad items… freshly picked tomato and basil, almonds and pistachios with a big squeeze of lemon is delicious. Serve with brown rice, brown pasta, fish, a veggie burger or a big salad to complete the meal.

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