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  • Sarah Wilke

    It cracks me up how stupid people can be over the Internet.

  • Laura Aniano Griffin

    Some people are caps lock addicts.

  • kaitlyn thomas

    Facebook fights kill me but they are so funny!

  • Lauren Eyman

    I love a good caps lock internet fight.

  • Lisa Walls

    Oh yes, the caps lock really sells it. Love reading Facebook drama.

  • Judy Sahutske

    Funny Cry for Help Ecard: Nothing shows maturity better than a good public fight on the Internet. Oh look, they turned on the caps lock. This is serious now. @Beth Stone - this made me snort and reminded me of you (in a good way!). :)

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Pinterest makes me like people Ive never met... Facebook makes me dislike people I know in real life.

I created a second facebook for stalkers/haters. The ones that NEVER comment on your page but make passive comments in REAL life...and the insecure ones that leave negative or passive comments on my page. That way I was not the bad guy and deleted them...I just put them in their place lol

Congratulations on successfully performing a basic task of life which the rest of the world performs daily and without expectation of praise.

...or any of your kids, no matter their age. I'm far more interested in YOUR life than your kids' lives... where'd it go? #childfree

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I absolutely adore sarcasm, don't you? hehe.

I know you're upset. Why don't you post something passive agressive in a facebook status and not explain the situation to anyone? That usually helps.

This is obvious, right? I really start to wonder about some people.