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16 Moments In Life Everyone Can Relate To

Hahahahaha..YUP! Happened to me on the highway yesterday. I was driving 65 and they had to be doing 80. caught up to them everytime at the road construction!

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Wooden Spoon Survivor

Wooden spoon survivor!

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Boycott Thanksgiving Sales

This is funny and sad at the same time. Because its so true.

Funny Family Ecard: A time out? No,'s called a spanking. Go on. Act a fool. I'll demonstrate.

When people say: "She's a nice person once you get to know her." What they really mean is: "She's a bitch; but you'll get used to it." | Friendship Ecard |

Awww. You're spreading rumors about me? At least you found a hobby spreading something other than your legs!

hahahaha idk why I find this so funny, oh wait... yes i do! haha

it's not cellulite, it's my body's way of saying "i'm sexy" braille laughing-away-the-calories-i-consumed-today