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Amazing buildings made from ice around the world

Finnmark, Norway Norway's most famous ice building is probably the chilly Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, where visitors can get married in an ice chapel, admire an ice sculpture gallery and even drink in an ice bar, where (of course) the glasses are made of ice. You'll never complain about tepid cocktails again.

Poster: Norway - 1958 - Lake Loen Artist: John Tedford Publisher: Norwegian State Railways Printed by: Offset by Dreyer A/S

The 9 Most Luxurious Après-Ski Spa Hotels

Map of the regions of Norway. As most places, the geography is what originally defines the regions. Norway is so mountainous and difficult to travel, that more than 20 dialects developed, the national costumes are all different, & slight variations in certain traditions.

The World’s Best Ice Hotels—Where the Rooms Are as Cold as They Are Beautiful

The World’s Best Ice Hotels—Where The Rooms Are As Cold As They Are Beautiful Photos | Architectural Digest