why do you think I’m growing my hair out. I’ve always wanted to be the little mermaid


dream date

Before I die. If someone and I wouldn't care who, would through me a birthday party just for once in my life! I never have had a surprise party and I would luv to have one so if u know me then I would luv a surprise birthday party

own the dog i've always wanted

fashion show

Princess Serenity lol

Dream date.

Such a fun day.

♡ Heyy beautiful lake tuckenuit ♡MY MAIN

So simple, yet so fun...I must do this.

ride a horse on the beach.

before I die..

Before I die, I want to ...

That would be the dream!

i would actually die if this ever happened

before I die

Live in a big, beautiful city.

Sounds like fun :)

// summer friends are the best friends //

my future.