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  • Kelli Williams

    Week-long care package. A Martha Stewart craft project cute idea

  • Elizabeth McElderry Johnson

    Week-long care package idea for Katie! A Martha Stewart craft project even I can do!

  • Merissa Magers

    BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! Envelopes glued together (accordion style), fill with gift cards, little treats, etc. great idea for his bday care package

  • Deanna Gaharan

    Gift idea: care package intended for the first week of college -can be modified for other occasions....

  • Kelley Scruby

    Cute idea for birthday weeks or care packages

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We stenciled the envelopes with letters corresponding to days of the week, so he can open one each day during the first week he is there.

Care Package Idea....This care package would be perfect to send to a soldier or a college student away from home. Fill them with little things to remind them of home plus things like stamps, calling cards and maybe a little cash...made by gluing each envelope flap to the front of another envy.

Care Package How-To... I love this idea for someone who is deployed overseas, traveling, going to camp, college, for long distance relationships, birthdays etc.

Man this box of sunshine would have made a fantastic care package for my guys on the sub:(

More ideas for wrapping / packaging with tape.

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