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Stopping distance and you…It is sad that this needs to be explained...

This is accurate. Usually it's "I could shove them right off this bridge/cliff and no one would know"

OMG!!! That's so me when I don't have my glasses on...

I get scared when I have to sneeze while driving.

Snow days... North (Canada) vs south (America).

yup @gabie! It works for me! Just like it doesn't count when you're otr!

YES!!!!!! I say that allllll the time and watching it just makes me so mad....oooo....I won't do it, but I could spit nails.

I feel like we all went through (or will go through) this stage when it's time to graduate.

Morgan Freeman was once young… How efffffin cool was The Electric Company? Cool.

The only weakness of bulletproof vests...