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Winning starts in your head & heart. Fire it up Expect to win, always. #expecttowin #noexcuses #believeinyourself

Monday is my favorite day! just watched a killer video from @robinsharma and this really hit home "radical generosity wins the day." So my question to you is... What are you going to do today to make sure you win the day? #radicalgenerosity #femaleathleteinspiration

THE WILL TO WIN COMES FROM WITHIN @umichvball @umichathletics

Being good teammate is an art and takes practice. Strive to always bring out the best in your teammates. Remember you are all working towards the same goal: forget ego, forget what happened off the court/field, forget stats. Stayed focused on the goal. Fire it up Play together Win as one

Hope your Monday is off to a great start. Whatever it is you want to accomplish... YOU CAN. It takes work, discipline, persistence and daily action. Keep going. Keep working. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Put in the work today, tomorrow and the next day. YOU CAN. Take responsibility for your action and reactions. Take control of your life. YOU CAN. change your attitude. Ask for help and work your tail off. you want it? Work for it! YOU CAN. #youcan

I used to be the queen of NOT making decisions. I would play hot potato with things all day in my head. From what should I ate to bigger decisions about life. I identified that I had a decision making problem my freshman year of college. So I started working on making decisions faster and committed to seeing through the action 100%. When I started doing this, I realized I actually made good decisions OR learned a lesson. If you are a person who plays hot potato and worries about the…

No truer words were ever spoken: music always has the answer. What's you favorite all time song? #music #femaleathleteinspiration

⚾️ you only fail when you stop trying @madi.howe #femaleathleteinspiration