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    God, I love Fall. Need some framed pictures on my wall with photos like this. "Blazing red"

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    From the Bahamas to the North-Western tip of Alaska once, and then from the tip of Maine to Tiajuana another time.

    If you say so! I'll never forget the RV trips I took with my parents, cousin and once, kitty cat.

    electronic devices have muddied the reality of the classic American road trip. Yes, a GPS makes not getting lost much easier than using maps, but then there was always a little fun in getting lost, no? Cell phones are the real culprit. Without cell phones you had to enjoy the scenery and company, now with cell phones you get to loathe both of those when you're not in cell range. Shame.

    Eleven must-do road trips in the US

    while I understand there is always a destination, it’s the journey that I want to take with you …

    Road trips through America -- can't forget Alaska Hawaii, which have stunning beauty to see as well. #road_trip #map #travel

    Well, we did florida to california so I say CHECK! :)