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    • Jackie Blah Blah

      its true, i do. i read a fancy schmancy designer made the fragrance so rich people with e readers can whiff the scent! true story.

    • Crystal Spoone

      Yes, I do. One of my fave things. I have done it since a child. You are either a book sniffer, or you're not. Don't be a faker to be cool. Also means you are a true book lover, and are more likely to never want for the new age fake books (kindle, etc.).

    • Kendra Clemetson

      weird..but i do, nothing like the smell of a new book or an old book <3

    • Amanda Graves

      I Sniff Books Especially old books

    • Michaela Oleson

      Esp. old books. I can recognize similar smells of books, and the familiar smells trigger memories, like reading in elementary school libraries, or in my grandparents car, or on my bedroom floor listening to music. The familiarity of the smell of books is a beautiful thing.

    • Melissa Maushund-Morice

      Especially old books and Library books.

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